Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge at ACC

It is never easy to make the decision to euthanize a pet. And, unfortunately, it’s a decision many pet owners must make towards the end of their pet’s life.

Knowing when that time is can be a hard choice to make. Many factors go into deciding whether or not it’s time to euthanize, and it differs for everyone. But it all stems to the top priority being the quality of life of your pet, whether it’s from the difficulties of old age or from an illness that they have been suffering from.

We try to keep the euthanasia process as peaceful and gentle as possible for your and your family. Our doctors first administer a drug that allows them to relax into a deep sedation. It allows for the patient to be resting as though in a deep sleep, giving you your final moments to say goodbye.

There is additional support available for those dealing with the grief of losing a pet. We’ve included several resources that are available to you during your current time of need: